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Technical projects:

  • Packed sugar retail marketing in the whole of Pakistan through a distributor’s network.
  • Developed sweetener manufacturing using Sucralose as the basic ingredient.
  • Development of Carbon Dioxide gas collection and purification project from the exhaust of a Fuel Ethanol distillery.
  • Development of a 10 mw power station through a high pressure boiler and turbine to work during off season at a sugar mill complex.
  • Production of gas to run a boiler from the secondary waste affluent of a distillery.
  • Using CCTV as a means of audio visual teaching in King Edward Medical College.
  • Identified and developed CDM projects related to sugar industry.
  • Experimentation on the development of Jatropha and bio-diesel.

Management Projects:

  • Development of SME policy for the Asian Development Bank in collaboration with SMEDA and international consultants.
  • Decentralization support program of the ADB
  • Management Audit –Fazal Din Pharma Plus
  • Marketing strategy for launching cigarettes to low income bracket consumers.
  • Restructuring and developing an MIS in Dewan Sugar Mills Ltd.
  • Developing HR policies and manual for the entire sugar operations of Dewan sugar operations.

Training and development:

  • Development of training centre for National Bank of Pakistan in Karachi.
  • Concept paper for the development of Executive Development Centre for Hailey College of Insurance and Banking.
  • Development of one year program of Sugar Technologists after completion of a basic engineering degree at the NED University, Karachi.
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