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Interpersonal Relationships in Organizations

Understand of working together in an organization

This course covers a wide area of working relationships between different segments of employees and at all levels—in their individual capacities, in groups, in meetings, as a team, between subordinates, between managers, and in inter-departments. It covers major aspects of human nature and individual personalities which could hamper the effective working in organizations. All Individual are analyzed and their personalities discussed there by creating an awareness between employees how to improve Interpersonal relationships—communication skills—and interaction between others, so that organization working will improve and benefit.

This course will make people aware not only about their own self, in a lot of ways—-but also create an understanding about others—this will help in generating better understanding—better working environment—better inter-department performance—and improve over all organizational behavior. It is expected that communication skills will improve at all levels of management and help in upward and downward communication. It will also guide Human Resource Departments to further improve the areas of interest so that more co-ordination is enacted within employees. It will also give a direction of the areas which need to be improved in employees training. This course will help both private sector and public sector.

This course is an advanced form of communication skills—as a lot of related aspects are covered which are necessary to understand the reasons for communication between employees.

With the complex human differences in organizations it is important that there is a smooth flow of work to offset internal and external factors effecting organizations.

Course Contents:

· What is Interpersonal relationship

* The Organization and the part it will play
* The Human Actor
* Human Resource Department
* Interpersonal Communication. Attention—Comprehension—Acceptance—Retention
* Perception
* Groups working
* Office Politics
* Factors effecting interpersonal relationships
* Conclusions

Program Duration: Full day program can be converted into a 2 days interactive workshop with role playing.

Achievable: A very powerful program to open the vision for participants who will look differently to mange and perform. Middle and senior managements can greatly benefit from its contents as this program will make them aware how important it is to develop a working relationship with other members. Usually this area is ignored by organizations but it has a vital impact on the smooth flow within the overall working in an office where multiple sects of people with different backgrounds and educational structures are interacting.

Who should attend this program: This is a general program for all levels of management who hold the responsibility to the success of the organization. All decision makers who matter in an organization. It will enhance their ability to look at the areas in a organized manner.

Benefits: This program will:

1. To provide an awareness of interactive behavior
2. Create a workplace which is productive in achieving the goals of the management
3. Change organizational culture with healthy understanding between employees
4. Enhance good communication and flow within the organization
5. Minimize and eliminate conflicts in organizations.
6. Minimize and eliminate politics in organizations
7. Improve inter-departmental working and efficiency
8. Create a harmonized working environment

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