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Role of Senior Management

A powerful training program

Senior management, is a team of individuals at the highest level of organizational management who have the day-to-day responsibilities of managing a company or corporation, they hold specific executive powers conferred onto them with and by authority of the board of directors and/or the shareholders. There are most often responsible for authorizing the funding of projects. Their policies ultimately lead to the profitability of the company and thus become responsible to the Board and the Shareholders.

It is fundamental to the success of the Management System and to the implementation of continual improvement throughout the organization that senior managers provide strong leadership; visible and active support with a demonstrated commitment.

This program is designed for top leaders who can spare few hours to appraise themselves and refresh their abilities with what needs to be done as leaders to provide the guidance expected of them in their respective areas of activity.

Course Contents:

* Performance management
* Strategic Planning
* Strong Leadership
* Continual improvement
* Provide necessary resources for working and implementation
* Effective communication
* Succession Planning
* Achieve the mission and vision
* Environmental Management
* Anticipation Analysis

Program Duration: Generally a condensed full day program and be shortened to half day.

Achievable: Senior management holds the key to success in the organization. It is important that they continue to have a motivated attitude to take the organization by achieving good performance continuously. This can be ensured by a process to keep senior management upgraded with information, knowledge and changes that are taking place in and around them. This program gives an insight to all that they need to apply in achieving the desired goals.

Who should attend this program: Senior management in all organizations who are the leaders and hold the responsibility to the success of the organization. All decision makers who matter in an organization. It will enhance their ability to look at the areas in a organized manner.

Benefits: As a result of attending this program they will:

* Understand the key approaches and concepts managing people more effectively
* Be able to apply these models to your own situation to maximize effectiveness
* Understand the various effects on other people and be able to view from different perspectives
* Have a clear plan for positively influencing and managing your own change
* How best to communicate and what its effect on employees
* Be able to set objectives, develop plans and review progress
* Be able to develop a more open attitude and see it as an opportunity for personal growth
* Develop future leaders who will take the organization to achieve the set vision
* This awareness will make them BETTER leading to be the BEST

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