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Management By Trends

A Futuristic Approach

Never before a program of such a nature has been developed and delivered which gives management a different outlook for running an organization. Trends and likely results give rise to many aspects to manage operations. Every decision that one takes has its effect sometimes in the future, we have to know what tomorrow would be like before we can decide about it.

This program emphasis the need to analyze past trends to develop decision making parameters so that the decision making process is systematic. It brings to light all what the management needs to do and who to involve.

This program is designed for different levels of management especially at the senior decision making level.

Course Contents:

* Anticipate change
* Develop a framework to address the future
* How trends can be developed
* Forecasting
* Futuristic studies
* Combination of techniques
* Role of analysts
* Decision making for the future
* Change in mind set and attitude
* Role of leadership to anticipate futures
* Advantage over competitor
* Necessity of research teams

Program Duration: Generally a condensed full day program can be shortened to half day.

Achievable: A very powerful program to open the vision for participants who will look differently to mange and perform. Middle and senior managements can greatly benefit from its contents as this program will make them aware how trends can be effectively used to draw conclusions. The usage of support departments of analysts and researcher can effectively be put to provide useful contribution in the decision making process.

Who should attend this program: Senior management in all organizations who are the leaders and hold the responsibility to the success of the organization. All decision makers who matter in an organization. It will enhance their ability to look at the areas in a organized manner.

Benefits: This program will:

* Watch the trend line to see if changes are taking place in Management and its policies
* A visible change will be brought in Human Resource attitude
* Plan a short, medium and long term strategy according to the observed trend
* Anticipate the right time for the change
* Gear up all levels in the organization to work as a team
* Keeps you aware of the present, past and future trends
* Provides an overall knowledge base for improving your pertinent and general skills
* Provides evidence that helps in decision making
* Continuously provides relevant information to improve management skills
* Provides an overall support service to the critical team at middle and top management
* The ways and means to look at data from all angles for a detailed analysis
* Highlights many aspects in financial, marketing, production activities that are usually not visible otherwise
* Relative analysis is more meaningful than an absolute analysis
* The competitive world demands a thorough study for every activity, both for the present and the future

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