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Population Research 2050

Objective and goals for the Research study

Pakistan is expected to become the fifth most populated country of the world by 2050. It will have a surplus young work force compared to many developed countries which are currently facing negative population growth and their decreasing population trend has been determined by socials scientists to be an irreversible phenomenon. There are no indicators in the near or far future which shows that these trends can be turned around quickly and they will continue with a negative growth and decreasing population in the future.

In this backdrop, it is thus necessary to study how Pakistan can harness human capital to mobilize its population by making it a viable entity through education, training and skill development for our own use and to relocate them to those countries needing work force to help develop and transform their economies. There is a close link between population growth and economic development. Reports and studies of world financial companies show a definite link between declining economic growth and a negative growth in population.

The balanced and educated or trained surplus workforce of Pakistan can be effectively utilized by countries that will face workforce issues and where there are problems of an ageing population. One of the major future economic indicators will be a balanced workforce. It will be advisable for countries to approach surplus population countries and “order” tailor-made manpower well in advance. They could talk with governments to train people in languages, special skills, and thus provide training centers in surplus countries. Pakistan is very uniquely placed in this respect with a hardworking work force with a proven track record of working hard where ever they have migrated in countries like USA, EU, Japan, Middle East, Africa and East Asia etc.

A growth of 7 billion in the world population in the 100 years between 1950 to 2050 will also see tremendous depletion in natural resources affecting international prices, control of these resources and all the other economic effects that will be linked to developing alternatives and substitutes. This will lead to technological advancement and research. For achieving all this, newer methods, curriculum and manpower will be required in a planned and phased manner.


  • I am presently conducting a detailed study / research to establish the quantum of people that Pakistan can provide to countries that will need active people in different age groups to fill the gaps in their own population structure. Such countries could open up their own training centers pick their choice of people and train them before migrating them to their countries. This study is expected to:
  • Act as a marketing tool for exporting our surplus workforce directed to specific countries over the next 40 yrs. Export targets of human capital should be focused on skilled workers since, for future needs, even for normal labor /workers, would require a basic level of education.
  • Act as a guiding light house to help develop Pakistan’s long term public policies for establishing multiple pools of indigenous workforce which can be appropriately utilized for internal economic needs.
  • This will also mean that a sizable export of manpower will bring about a balance in our own economies and also provide us enormous foreign exchange earned by this workforce.
  • It will also give an economic plan for the development of all kinds of educational institutions over the next 40 yrs, region wise, all over Pakistan and thus give rise to other projects that will be required to develop this infrastructure. Furthermore, the study will also shed light on the emerging technologies, skills and educational curriculums that need to be established and implemented to add value to our manpower.
  • The effect of population on the economic growth of Pakistan as is evident in other countries.
  • The government will be able to “manufacture” workforce for countries according to their requirements.
  • Selected countries which are facing a negative population growth will also be studied to access the quantum of people they would require, in terms of the aging population that will increase in their respective countries.


With the massive economic growth anticipated in China and India in the next 40 years a substantial effect of economic development is expected to take place in Pakistan especially after the enormous discoveries of Coal, Copper, Gold and other minerals in Pakistan, along with the possibility of the potential of an increased rate of discoveries of oil and gas in Pakistan. In some of the futuristic studies a new group named as the N-11 countries will emerge which includes Pakistan.

This study will provide a guideline focused in a particularly important area of human wealth. Mobilized and put to use productively this force will give us and our economy an upward push because if we just sit idle and wait; the same work force will become aggressive; violent and non-productive; as Pakistan will not have enough gainful employment opportunities. We thus have to ensure a phased-out action plan to tackle this serious issue and thus a study of this nature becomes all the more essential and helpful for the country and the world where workforce is required.

This study will be conducted by a team of 12 researchers who have been selected very carefully by a process to ensure that the study is carried out professionally to highlight facts that will give us clear indicators of what policies we should adopt.

The research will act as a guideline for economists, governments, public policy / law makers, corporations, and all futurists who plan to use a developing human resource in a productive manner globally.

Since this research will be carried out over a period of 12 to 18 months, sufficient funds will be required and I seek assistance from different sources as it is as much their need as it is ours.

This research will be published and circulated nationally and internationally.


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