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We all would love to know what could be ahead and some also talk about. Futurology which is the forecasting of the future on a systematic basis by studying present and past trends in all aspects. The world has been undergoing profound changes in the next few decades as is evident of the immense changes in the past decades. We need to determine what these changes are and how did they come about as this will make us understand something about what will happen next. We need to understand how these changes have affected us and how the future changes will affect us.

Studies of the future do not have a specific discipline; there are a number of approaches that one uses as a “futurist”. There will be many co-relationships between aspects of change. While we can plan for the present but our survival depends on planning for the future. What we decide TODAY will have its effect TOMORROW, it could be the day after or a week after a month after a year after or maybe years after from NOW. There are so many question that we need to ask:

* Do we have ways and means to know tomorrow?
* Do we know where we want to be and how we plan to be there?
* How can we plan for “ tomorrow” without knowing what tomorrow is going to be like?
* How much should we change and which direction so we can stay and grow when we are in “tomorrow”?
* Do we know where we are today?
* Can we take decisions about “tomorrow” without knowing about it?



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