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About Me

Mian Kausar Hameed

A Futurist, who looks ahead, looks at trends, looks at indicators, looks at different data, analysis different situations, uses different types of approaches, management tools and only then forms an opinion.

  • We cannot do anything to change the past—but we have enormous powers to guide and change the future.
  • While we can plan for the present but our survival depends on planning for the future.
  • What we decide TODAY will have its effect TOMORROW; it could be the day after or a week after a month after a year after or maybe years after from NOW.
  • How can we plan for “tomorrow” without knowing what tomorrow is going to be like.
  • Do we have ways and means to know tomorrow?
  • Do we know where we want to be and how we plan to be there?
  • Let’s not take decisions without knowing about TOMORROW.

What do we need for decision making?
What tools should we have at our disposal to ensure viable decisions can be taken?
Why is it important to take decision and not delay?

We have to keep learning no matter where we are and what we do. We have to keep learning even if we have reached the highest level of management, there is still a lot more that we still DO NOT KNOW.

I offer several options in what I have learnt through experience, through research, through reading, through traveling, and by actually doing activities in my 40 years career. I still want to learn and I know I know so little of what is available and will keep adding to this enormous wealth of knowledge that is all around us.

Lets us not be shy at any age to LEARN.

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